Always Making Some Mistake


Well apparently I really messed up Tuesday night and I didn’t even realize it. During the day Wednesday we chatted a little bit but it wasn’t our normal talk and he seemed a little shorter with me than normal. I knew not to expect to see him plus I had a girls night planned with a friend already. Well, while at dinner I was texting him and trying to play with him. This is when I realized I did something wrong.

Me: “But you’re being mean! I’m pouting over here (that was said in a Boston accent)”

Him: “Suck it up. You called me a pussy several times yesterday so I have zero remorse”

Me: “When did I call you that?!”

Him: “You know when”

Me: “That’s a slight blur but I don’t remember saying that…I’m sorry ;/ “

Him: “Yeah I didn’t like it at all ;/ “

Me: “I’m so sorry, I don’t even remember saying that and I won’t say it again I promise. Are you mad at me about that?”

Him: “I’m not actively mad about it. It was a huge turn off though”

Me: “I figured you were mad about it, I probably was thinking of a way to rile you up. Lesson learned.”

He then sent me one more text asking me a question that didn’t pertain to that conversation, I answered it and then he said nothing else to me. Okay. I do not recall calling him a pussy while we were rolling around on the bed. I feel bad that I did but I know myself well enough and probably was just trying to get to me a little rougher with me. So I must have told him to either stop being one or I called him one. Insert foot straight into my mouth. Great, so once again step forwards and more steps back.

Yesterday we talked off and on during the day. He told me the time we would be going to this BBQ on Sunday. I once again tried to joke with him about things and he joked back a little but not that much. After we talked then I didn’t hear from him for a while, I was a little upset when he didn’t even ask to see me or if I had plans. Well he randomly told me he had dinner with his brother. I have been all for him to have these dinners with him and be a present big brother for his younger brother. We talked about the dinner and how it went. He didn’t honestly seem to be trying too hard to keep the conversation going. We hadn’t talked about the weekend yet but I was assuming I would see him before Sunday. Then he sent me this an hour later.

Him: “Just an FYI, I’m gonna watch the UFC fights Saturday night with Clay”

Me: “Oh okay”

I’m not against him doing that at all, I’m glad he’s seeing his friend and all that. But is it selfish of me to think well when are you going to see me? I was slightly frustrated so I decided to try and get to the bottom of things.

Me: “Can I ask you something?”

Him: “Ok”

Me: “I kinda feel like you’re upset with me, am I somewhat right?”

Him: “No why”

Me: “I guess just the way you’ve been, usually that signals to me something’s wrong. So I wanted to ask and find out if it had something to do with me, and if so, what exactly it is”

Him: “The other day was weird but I didn’t know I was acting funny…and if I am, how?”

Me: “You’re just being a little distant with me compared to how you normally are. I thought you were mad or upset with me.”

Him: “I moved”

Me: “I know you did I helped you.”

Him: “Yea…so I’m not home alone”

Him: “Watching a movie with my grandmother right now”

Me: “I know you’re not and that’s not what I meant. I’m sorry for bringing it up.”

And that was just the end of it. He didn’t text me after that movie and has yet to say anything to me. It isn’t like I knew he was watching a movie with her, he easily could have said something earlier and I wouldn’t have brought that up then. It’s like he threw my worry under the rug and maybe I’m worrying for no reason but if you could see his texts and our conversations compared to last week/weekend/early this week to the past few days even you’d notice something was different. And it isn’t like I’m initiating any conversations but at the same time I know better. Just like today I don’t really know if I’ll even see him and I know I won’t Saturday. If Sunday still happens I’ll be really surprised. The last time he watched the fights with Clay he got so drunk his hangover lasted the entire next two days. I had to bring him food that morning and baby him the entire day.

I feel like I’m constantly walking this thin line between him really caring for me and being happy with me and me being this big disappointment. I want to know when I do things like that because they don’t typically happen. I make mistakes, everyone does, but to throw a mistake in my face and calling it a huge turn off makes me wonder. He has done things to turn me off but I don’t hold it against him, I don’t think I’ve told him of those moments. I just make sure they don’t happen again and maybe that’s what he is just doing. I also now feel even more uncomfortable about any sexual moments. I’ve been so on edge with the “slow down” on sex with him and not initiating anything that now I’m not sure how to be.


Eh, I just don’t know what to do. I’ll see if he says anything to me or even asks to see me. I just am confused I guess. I will just let him decide if he wants to see me any time this weekend. I already have people that want to make plans with me but he knows he usually has first priority of my time. Maybe time apart this weekend wouldn’t be a bad thing when I think of it.

Oh well. Thoughts, opinions and advice are always welcome as usual!

Starving For Truth

who did that

Is it typical for men to be such complicated creatures?  I sit and type this while at work on my last day for the week. Yay holidays! I don’t have anything to do as some of our servers are down and I can’t really do anything without one so I’ll just write.


And I’m not sure if anyone is really wondering or not but the Russian did finally text me back. Here’s a recap of the conversation: Russian had asked me about NYE and if I had any plans or what I typically did for that night. Considering I was dating someone for several years we always went out and drank the night away or took out of town trips. I mentioned the basics of this “just go out or go out of town” to him. He on the other hand mentioned family stuff he typically does. I then sent the following text:

Me: “Are you inviting me for Wednesday?”


Him: “I hadn’t yet but I was planning on it :)”

Me: “Well that’s good to know lol :)”

And that was all that was said last night. Nothing else.


Granted, we do spend a lot of time together but that’s more his doing than mine. He’s usually the one asking to see me or do something. Which is exactly what I prefer, every now and then I’ll ask him if he’d like to see me. But as mentioned before Mondays are usually a gaming night for him and I know this.

Is this what it’s like to truly miss someone? I just want to see him and lean my head on his shoulder then feel him put his head against mine. I’m so bad at admitting my feelings to people because in my past as soon as I do they either run away or just take advantage of that. So I’ve been testing the waters with him by sending cute texts or telling him something in person. But he still confuses me sometimes.

Is it because he finally caught the pretty, shiny toy and now that interest has faded? Am I still too intimidating for him sometimes? Or am I just making dramatic scenarios up in my head as an excuse to pull back emotionally? Ugh. The man did spend quite a lot of money on me for Christmas and my birthday so it isn’t like he would just jump back right after that, right?


I would feel so much better if he would just ask to see me and then hold me for a little while. Also, some sex would be really great too. My last relationship was basically sexless and I’m quite a sex fiend, my friends basically call me a man because of my sex drive and constant thoughts of it. You would think after years of being deprived of it and told no, even if it was just typically five minutes, I would be use to not getting it. But man, once you’ve had really good sex you just can’t stop it like that. And I’ve had the best sex of my life with the Russian so it’s hard when you don’t have it for a while.

I know I agreed that we needed to focus on the relationship itself and not just the sexual side; we both know that chemistry isn’t going anywhere. Hell, he’s told me when I touch him, in a nonsexual way, he basically tingles all over. I know it was my choice not to have sex on my period though because I just really hate the messiness of it. I’ve got to get on that birth control that you only have your period once every three months.


Basically this is just me ranting and getting emotions out with no holding back. I apologize for this, I’m just in a cluster fuck of emotions and thoughts right now. See, this is what happens when you aren’t cuddled or fucked in a while. Weird thoughts happen and you just need to be held, cared for and then fucked.

Any thoughts? Or has anyone felt this way before? Share your thoughts! I’m here all day….literally.


Here We Go Again It Seems

hotmessWell it seems like the same thing that happened back in November is about to happen again. And this time I have no idea why and it hurts a lot more.

Last week we saw each other twice. One day it was for lunch, we ate together, talked and then laid down with each other. Of course, we fooled around some, no sex though. And everything was normal with us. He had a planned dinner with his family that night so we talked to each other while he was participating in that. And we were having a genuine conversation that night, discussing his family and mine. And literally every day we spoke to each other and had good conversations. It was completely normal and it was really nice.

Well Thursday we planned to see each other and we did. He asked if I would pick up some alcohol for us since he was out. I did of course and headed to his house.

At this point, my boyfriend was starting to act suspicious of what I was doing. Before he would never ask what was going on when I would be “hanging out” with my girl friends. He did that night. I explained to him what the plan was and he seemed okay with it. Well as I got to the Russians house I was a little nervous about the boyfriend.

The Russian fixed us drinks and we sat on the couch to watch the show. Now, a heads up to something, I had been on my period so I probably was letting things get to me that shouldn’t have. It seemed he wasn’t quite as affectionate as normal, I made a joke about it and we laughed it off. We ended up constantly playing with each other and tickling each other a lot. He kept telling me to watch the show when I’d kiss on him, he said because I would always say he’s distracting me from it. (I joke about it, as does he) So eventually things turn sexual, we start kissing heavily and I make my way down to suck his dick.

As I’m doing so, he is telling me that he wants to fuck me and be inside me. I had a hard time resisting that and I said something along the lines of “Not tonight” and he reaches down to reach inside my pants and I kind of squirm away. He pulls me up and asks why, I just tell him “Because” and he questions me about my need for control and if there is a reason for it. I tell him that’s not it and I want to but just…can’t right now. He looks at me and asks, “Is it that week?” I nod my head and resume my way back down to his dick. He then says, “I don’t care about that. I just want to be inside you.” I tell him I’ve never had sex during my period, which I haven’t it’s not something I care to do with the mess I assume it makes. He tells me he doesn’t care and if it makes a mess we can take a shower. I kind of shrug it off and he then says something that made me stop and confused me, “We don’t have to use one you, that’s the main reason of them. It wouldn’t bother me.” I assumed he was talking condoms and I just said, “I know you don’t care but I’ve never done that before and I don’t want to have a mess on our hands.” He tells me to go check myself and see if it’s okay. I kind of look at him and he asks if that day was the first day, I say no and he tells me it will be fine.

I go to the bathroom and…check myself; it doesn’t appear to be too bad so I go back out. He goes into the bathroom after me and I resume sitting on the couch, topless. He comes back in and says, “So is everything good?” I give a little nod and he tells me to take my pants off. I do so and he pulls a condom out, much to my relief. I like the Russian but I’m not an idiot. I climb on top of him in the reverse cowgirl position and we fuck like that, then with me on top sideways, and then normal girl on top. Eventually we move to a different area and he starts to fuck me from behind. I had been having a hard time relaxing till this point because I’m just paranoid I would leave a huge red stain on his furniture or something. Well he pulls out and I turn around, look down and thankfully there is no mess on him or me. Whew. Well he proceeds to remove the condom, stating, “See, no mess.” He asks me to suck his cock until he came. So I kneel down and proceed to do so, after he came I stand up and he grabs me and squeezes me against him.

I start to put my clothes back on and he throws his shorts back on. He comments that there was no mess and I didn’t need to be worried. Well after I pretty much just leave, it wasn’t as warm a good bye as usual but I could just be over analyzing it. I text him when I get home and he just says, “Good job ___” a nickname he calls me and then that’s it.

The next day he sends me a meme picture, I laugh at it and later send him one. He laughs at it and then I ask how his day was, since he was off.

Him: “Not bad. Worked out and since then I’ve been putting up the trim around the door and grouting the threshold. My back is not happy at all.”

Him: “Yours?”

Me: “I told you to go easy on your back old man lol and mine was okay, just the usual running around.”

And that was it for the entire day Friday, he didn’t ask about the sex like he usually would or try to hold any other conversation. So I write it off and go on with my night.

The next day went like this:

Me: “I looked at four houses today”

Him: “Any winners?”

Me: (Longish explanation of what I say, saying I loved two and was hopeful about them)

Him: “Not a bad day”

Me: “Nope”

Him: (Sends me a picture of the work he did on part of his house)

Me: “That looks really good, the color goes with the floor nicely”

Him: “Thank ya”

Me: “You did that by yourself?”

Him: “Yep”

Me: “Impressive old man, impressive”

Him: “I like the cedar look”

Me: “Yeah I do too, it’s nice”

And that’s it for Saturday. He just seemed so stand offish with me and I didn’t want to continue the conversation with him if he seems that way. The next day…nothing. I didn’t hear from him nor did I text him. Today I sent him another funny meme and he just responded with an “Lol” and nothing else.4680702886_56a6f2f5c9_z

I just don’t know how to take that at all. One minute he’s telling me his feelings and that he can’t wait till I move out and have my won place. And then now he’s acting cold with me. I’m trying not to jump to any conclusions but after being burned by him before I’m super cautious.

So what do I do? Give him a few days and just see what happens or prepare for the worst? In that case, he disappears on me again and I have to just deal with it.

Fuck. I am going to be so angry if this happens all over again and feel like a complete idiot.

Things with the boyfriend are absolutely no better. We got into a HUGE argument last night that involved me stating I had been thinking we shouldn’t live together anymore, that I just wasn’t happy and I didn’t know what would make me happy. I remind him that he pays no attention to me and only does when he wants something or if he notices I’m not all over him. Which I haven’t been since January. I told him I was tired of the fact if I wasn’t initiating everything then nothing would happen. He got upset and angry when I mentioned moving out. He said he wasn’t sure how that would work since we barely see each other and we live together. I told him exactly, we are like best friends that live together. He became really quiet at that point and I just walked away.

We slept in the same bed last night and he told me he wanted to try harder to prove that I’m a priority to him and I just broke down crying. I said, “You’ve said that before and it will last maybe two weeks and then nothing. It goes back to me feeling like I mean nothing to you. I don’t want to get my hopes up again but if you want to try then try. I can’t promise anything to you though.”

He woke up this morning like nothing was even wrong or discussed the night before.

So here I am, upset about the Russian and what he may or may not be doing. Upset with the boyfriend for finally wanting to prove himself but more than likely failing and showing me I don’t mean anything. Is it bad that I want the Russian to prove HIMSELF for once? But I have that intuition that I’ll end up disappointed by both of them.

Please, share your thoughts on all this because I have no idea on what to do next or expect.



What a Tangled Web We Weave


Much to my surprise after our midweek rendezvous I heard from the Russian a lot over the weekend. Friday we didn’t really talk that much, he sent me a text about a picture I posted and we had a little conversation. The boyfriend had decided to go out Friday night and I wanted to stay in. Well I was up and at 1:30 I got a text from the Russian.


Him: “Yo”

Me: “Yo”

Him: “Sip”

Him: “Sup lol”

Me: “Just watching tv lol you?”

Him: “Hoping you were out”

Me: “Not tonight why?”

Him: “Maybe I like ya”

Me: “Lol just a maybe?”

Him: “I shouldn’t but I do”

At this point I’m in a stage of shock. Because this is the Russian I remember, he would tell me he missed me, liked me or cared for me but he hasn’t in so long. So the conversation continues.

Him: “The bar sucked….was hoping you were somewhere”

Me: “Did it? I thought about going tonight”

Him: “Wish you woulda”

Me: “Maybe I do too”


Me: “Wish I would have gone”

Him: “No I understood, Maybe though? I was there…lol”

Me: “Lol I know you were there and maybe a little more than maybe ;)”


He then sent me a random quote and were talking about that for a little bit. I then asked him where he was.

Him: “_______ lol”

Me: “Haha having it your way huh?”

Him: “Almost”

Him: “You’d be in the passenger seat if I had it my way”

Me: “Mmm is that right?”

Him: “Yep”

Me: “Lol good to know, since you kinda like me”

Him: “Maybe but I know I shouldn’t”

Me: “Why do you say you shouldn’t?”

Him: “It’s pretty obvious lol”

Him: “Right?”

Me: “Kind of I guess lol”

Him: “You tell me”

Me: “You’re the one saying you shouldn’t not me lol”

Him: “Well no matter how dumb I may feel…you see who I’m texting”

Me: “If it makes you feel less dumb…I like that it’s me you’re texting”

Him: “Maybe slightly”

Me: “Just a little bit?”

Him: “Some”

Me: “Good :)”


The conversation continued with us talking about what I was reading and stuff with his family that was going on. Then it got interesting again.

Him: “Why did I wanna hang out with you again woman? Lol”

Me: “Uh I have no idea lol”

Him: “Oh lol”

Me: “Why did you want to hang out with me again? Lol”

Him: “That was my question”

Me: “Yeah well I’m asking now lol”

Him: “I enjoy hanging out with you. Had a really good time the other day even before the end of the night”

Me: “Well good I’m glad 🙂 And I had a good time too, you’re not too bad to hang out with ;)”


Then he was joking about me being awake this late at night which then led to a discussion about my relationship. Those are always harder for me to talk about with him because I don’t want to give him every detail. At the same time, I wonder if he’s taking notes on what not to do with me.

He then passes out, we had been talking for about three hours and it was now past 4 am. I heard from him the next day but just a little. He then asked me what I was doing that night which I said I hadn’t made any plans yet. He tells me he’s hanging out with a guy friend and drinking. He then tells me he was getting phone calls from a blocked number and asked if it could be my boyfriend. Which I knew it wasn’t because he was sitting next to me at the time. I made a joke about someone stalking him and his response was that he hopes she’s cute. I said something along the lines of “Haha good luck with that” and he sent back “Lol kiiiiidding” I just told him I know with a smiley face.

I went on to tell him that where I was at was incredibly boring and he was surprised I was bored. When he told me what he was doing it sounded more fun to me. I love when I can just hang out and drink, watch movies or relax. I don’t mind bars but they get old after a while. Well I told him this and he said:

Him: “I thought you were unhappy cause you were bored…..wouldn’t being out at bars be more thrilling than movies and drinks!”

Me: “Not necessarily lol. Movies and drinks can be much more fun than a bar sometimes!”

Him: “What do you mean like Wednesday?”

Me: “Lol yeah like Wednesday”

Him: “:)))”

Me: (I sent a smiling/blushing emoji)

Him: “What are you doin talking to me”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Him: “Out with people and the boyfriend talking to the boring old man”

Me: “Well maybe I kinda like ya”

Him: “Oh yeah?”

Me: “Maybe”

Him: (He sends me our glare face emoji)

Me: “;) Don’t you glare!”

Him: “Why should I?”

Me: “Number one, because I said so. And number two, there no reason to glare.”

Him: “So which one matters?”

Me: “Well they both matter lol but you have no reason to glare”

Him: “Maybe”

Me: “Oh don’t maybe me!”

Him: “You did first”

Me: “You know I’m playing!!

Him: “I wish you were playing with something else”

Me: “You and me both”

Him: “Oh yea?”

Me: “Definitely”

Him: “What would that be?”

Me: “You know what I’m talking about”

Him: “??”

Me: “Don’t play dumb old man!”

We then get into a banter of exchanging movie quotes with each other, but it seems so natural and just flows easily. The next day we didn’t really talk. I was busy around my house and I’m not sure what he was doing. But we ended up talking later that night. Some how it got brought up that I could have texted him earlier and we wouldn’t be talking so late at night. I explained to him that it goes both ways and that I’m a little old fashioned in that sense. He explained to me that he doesn’t want to try and text me at a bad time. I told him if it wasn’t a good time I’d just not text back right away or tell him.

I’m so torn on what to do. Because lately the boyfriend has been talking more about “us” doing updates to our current house and things in our future. I don’t really respond to those statements, I literally feel myself pulling away from him and I don’t know what to do. I look at him and just think how is it that just a year ago I couldn’t imagine life without him. I would have done anything for him to act towards me then as he does now, but for some reason I don’t feel the same way anymore and that hurts. I want to talk to my mum about it but she will be so upset I met with the Russian again. She’s protective of me and doesn’t like that he hurt me a month and a half ago.

I just think to myself, if and when, (because it has to happen) the boyfriend and I end things will the Russian still be there? And if so, what then? I can’t ask him these kinds of things at all. We haven’t even talked about seeing each other again. And I won’t bring that up unless he does. And I want to see him again, badly. His company is so great and he makes me laugh every time I’m around him.

In other words, I’m royally fucked. Until next time!