Going Forward in Many Ways Pt. 2

This past weekend the Russian was with me from 5 pm Friday till almost 1 am Sunday. We haven’t done a weekend like that in I’m not sure how long. It’s like neither one of us wanted to other to go so we just stayed together. He surprised me with a thoughtful gift, a pizza pan, because I had complained about not having one. We ate, drank, talked, cuddled, watched movies, kissed and had sex during this weekend. It wasn’t just a sex filled weekend like they had been earlier on. Saturday we had sex twice, with me on top both times, then Sunday with him on top. Which was just as amazing and ridiculous as I remembered it being. He did get a few BJs over the weekend and the pre-sex one Sunday morning was different, intense and super-hot.

Tuesday he invited me over for dinner and movies with him and his mom. It was really nice and we actually had a lot of fun. Originally I thought his sister would be eating with us but she never left her room, I thought that was a little weird but didn’t say anything about it. We joked around and played with each other that night. He actually had us lay on one couch together and basically cuddle, I tried to not be all over him in front of his mom but he’d put my legs over his and lean on me. That night he told me he was happy I stayed like I did since his sister didn’t spend time with them. I was honestly just happy he had asked me over to hang out. It doesn’t happen that often so it was a nice change of pace.

Wednesday we basically talked all day about different things. He knows Wednesday nights are my “girl nights” with one of my good friends. Usually when it gets to be after 6 pm he will stop talking to me unless I initiate it because he knows my girlfriend and I are hanging out. I sent him pictures of a few things and he talked about them with me but was a little short with his responses. I tried not to let that get to me too much. The next day I didn’t hear from him until much later in the afternoon and I thought it was pretty sweet. He was asking if I wanted to do a date night that night or this weekend. We decided to go that night for dinner and a movie, which actually was fun. I had been a little annoyed at him (thanks PMS) because he didn’t really talk to me but when he told me about his day I realized he was just busy. The movie was really good and we actually were back at my place around 9:30 so he came inside for a drink and another movie.

We got pretty frisky early on and surprised me with the way he did it. I had just worn a dress for our date night and it wasn’t a fancy one but it was flowy and the type of material the top was, and the fact I don’t have huge boobs, allowed me to go without a bra. He had been messing with me about it, grabbing my breasts or trying to make my nipples hard. Well, after we had made a drink and started the movie he was instantly trying to get his hands up my dress. I held him off for a little while. He had me sitting in his lap during the first movie just so he could keep his hands on me. Things got pretty wild that night. At some point I’m straddling him on my couch and he’s inside of me. Then he looks at me and says, “Looks like we need another drink, why don’t we go fix one.” And he spins me around then continues to stay inside me while we go into the kitchen to make a drink. He starts fixing another one and has me bent over a counter, then spins me around to suck his cock. After we play around for a little bit longer we don’t finish but go back to sit on the couch. Before I sit down he tells me to take my panties off. I do what he asks and then sit back on his lap. We play around and joke for a little bit then resume watching the movie.

When it was time to make another drink he followed me into the kitchen. As I was starting to make the drink he came up behind me and slowly put himself inside me. Then he told me to keep making the drink. I make it then he leads me to the sink to stir it. As I’m doing this he starts to really fuck me harder. At some point my dress is completely removed and I have my hands on the floor. We both have orgasms this time and I will say it was intense. The rest of the night we just spent watching funny episodes of a show and cuddling with each other. At some point we pass out and then wake up to crawl into my bed. We cuddle the rest of the night. That next day I had off so we slept in, but we also had sex I think four times that morning/early afternoon. The first time he initiated it I was pretty surprised. I had just crawled back in bed after getting some water and was almost asleep when he pulled me to him and just wrapped his arms around me. After a while he started to massage me and rub on me. It was then I realized he was letting me know he wanted to be inside of me. He actually started touching me and then slowly slid himself inside of me. He knew my period would be coming this week so we actually didn’t use any condoms this weekend. After a few minutes of him behind me I climbed on top of him. We went back and forth with different position like that. It felt just amazing. We had sex three more times that morning/afternoon and actually didn’t get out of bed till almost 2 p.m.

Afterwards we finally got up and cooked lunch. After we ate I was expecting him to leave after a little while but he surprised me and stayed. I had some of his clothes at my house so he wore those while I washed his other clothes for him. That night we just spent time together talking and goofing off with each other. We drank that night but not nearly as much as we had the night before. We watched several movies and fell asleep on the couch like we normally tend to do. I woke up at some point and convinced him to get up and go lay in bed. That morning he woke me up by massaging my feet and rubbing my legs. One thing led to another and he actually fulfilled a longtime fantasy of mine. For a guy to be able to have his orgasm and cum then continue having sex with me. He managed to do that 3 or 4 times. I’ve had exes promise to do that, hell he’s even promised to do that, but this time it actually happened. When he came the first time he told me to suck his dick while it happened, while I was doing that and he was done he pulled me back up to him and told me to put him back inside me. I did so and got to do this one position I hadn’t done before and it actually almost made him go again. He had me slow down and then do it again. He came a second time and this continued for another two rounds until I basically had to just give him a BJ. I told him it felt amazing but I was starting to hurt and wanted to finish him like that.

After we finished and had cuddled we both got up to shower and get ready for the day. We had talked about going to visit some people but they weren’t in town that weekend so we were discussing what to do for that day.

We agreed to go get some movies from his, food and figure out what to do from there. We ended up picking up something he had ordered through a friend and while we were at his house we ended up staying for a little while for a drink and to visit. We got back to my house, I fixed us some dinner then while we ate we watched a movie. We watched more movies and actually drank a lot that night. We passed out fairly early then I woke up which woke him up. He was hungry so I fixed us something to eat and basically fed it to him. It was adorable since he didn’t want to go to sleep but couldn’t keep his eyes really open. After he ate I laid back on the couch with him for a little while longer. At some point I woke up again and went to bed. I had tried to get him up but he was not wanting to get up. I curled up in my bed then passed out. He woke me up probably not even 30 minutes later. Now, I’m not sure how true this is or if he dreamed it but he came in and said this, “How are you going to be in here moaning without me and then stop when I wake up?!” I jerk awake and look at him like he’s nuts. “Uh, I’m sorry but do what?” He then tells me he woke up and apparently heard some sexual moans coming from my room and when he stood up they stopped. I told him with my fan and tv on there’s no way I even heard him move but that my hands were under my pillow and I was asleep. We joked back and forth about it for a little while and he finally passed out.

The next morning he woke me up again and somehow he had gotten naked and slept that way. We were joking about that and, of course, we ended up having sex multiple times. At least three times I think. Each time was amazing and unexpected because we’d try to get out of bed then one thing would lead to another and it would happen again. It always lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to well over an hour. I pulled a new move again and he claimed it was his new favorite. I enjoyed it but my arms and triceps were on fire after a while. We ended things with him being on top which is my favorite, it’s more intimate to me and gives me a little break. Things got a little crazy there for a while, just with the different things he was doing and how he was being with me. Afterwards we showered then we spent the day together.

That night we had some really deep talks about things going on in our lives. I told him how I was feeling really unsure with my new job and how I felt like a complete failure amongst my family. He told me he was really proud of me and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I had gotten teary eyed and he made me look at him while we talked. He kept telling me I have to open up to him more about these things because he’s here for me and because I allow him to do the same with me. It’s not an easy thing for me to do, especially with how things went before, but I’m trying more.

When he left that night we talked a little more and this week so far we’ve seen each other every afternoon. We go running/walking together after I get off from work and that’s actually been good for us. We talked about changing gyms and me possibly joining the same gym as him. We will see about that though. Last night I had my normal cooking night with my best friend so we didn’t really speak to each other.

That’s my life in a nutshell right now. I’m slightly aggravated we didn’t really speak yesterday but that’s just my period taking over. Besides that I’m quite happy and hopefully nothing will jinx this! Until next time!


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