You Are Mine Part One


Well it’s all official now. The Russian is officially mine now. What is he you may ask, because there are many things he has been and could be. Well, in his own words I’m his “girlfriend” and no longer available. While he, being a grown man in his 30s I don’t feel like boyfriend is the right term for him. My man? Significant other? Or is boyfriend acceptable? I just like calling him mine.

I’m sure you’re interested in how that conversation happened and the events leading up to it. Well last week was a rough one for him. The reality of him quitting his career to start up something new really hit him and he started to let his moods get to him more. So I just offered my support to him and let him express any emotions or doubts he had about this decision. I think over the course of the week it brought us closer because he realized he didn’t have to worry about me judging him or not wanting to be around him.

Towards the end of the week (we had our usual sleepovers earlier in the week) I asked him what his plans were for that Thursday night. He casually mentioned seeing some family of his but didn’t invite me. Which did upset me a little but he had brought me to his family’s church the previous Sunday so I knew he was making progress. Well when he told me there were doing something I just said okay and continued with our conversation. At some point we hit a little sweet part and then he asked if I’d like for him to come by after his family stuff, I said sure and he came by around 7 p.m. that night.

The family event didn’t really go that well since several members didn’t show up and he was a little stressed about the holidays. So we just turned on the tv, fixed some drinks and started talking. The talking is mainly what we did all night. Not about anything specific for a while, which is what I like, we just talked about anything that came to us. Well as it got a little later and the conversations got a little deeper. As we were sitting on my couch he pulls me on his lap and just holds me close to him and leans me back so my right ear is next to his mouth as he talks.

Him: “I know I’m not good at showing you the appreciation and affection you deserve but I hope you can tell I’m trying to get better at it.”

Me: “I can tell that you are and I really like it. You are an affectionate person whether you realize it or not.”

Him: “I hope you also know just how much I care for you. I really do and want it to be something you know.”

Me: “I had hoped you cared for me, it’s something we’ve never really discussed so I’m just not sure of what you’re feeling sometimes. Especially since you mentioned you weren’t sure what you were feeling for me.”

(Keep in mind that during this conversation we are basically whispering back and forth to each other while he caresses my back and plays with my hair)

Him: “I like you. Obviously.”

Me: (laughing) “Well, I like you too.”

Him: “No, I mean I really, really like you. A lot. You’re so sweet and amazing. And I like you a lot.”

Me: “I like you a lot too of course.”

Him: “You know what I mean though by saying that.”

Me: “Uh, that you like me?”

Him: “No, not just like you. But I don’t want to scare you away by saying it so fast.”

(I finally realized what exactly he meant)

Me: “That’s something you say when you really want to. Don’t say it if you aren’t ready because that’s something that carries a lot of meaning and responsibility.”

He then leans me back and smiles, “You’re so mature for your age it blows my mind.” He then leans into me so I’m holding him against me.

Him: “I want to say it but I just don’t want to scare you.”

Me: “You wouldn’t scare me but you’ll say it when you’re ready.”

He then again leans back and looks at me while pushing my hair back behind my ear.

Him: “So when are we going to make this thing official?”

Me: “Make what official?”

Him: “Oh don’t play dumb! You know what. This. Us. Are you ready for this to be the real thing?”

I stare back at him, contemplating between kissing him and slapping him. Really Russian?

Me: “I would really like that. I’d like it more if it was something you wanted as well.”

Him: “I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t. So, are you going to be my girlfriend? Officially and everything?”

Me: “I would really like to be. Yes.”

Him: “Good, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, how do you want to tell people? Just tell our friends or would you like to make it “FaceBook official?” Because I’m okay with either one.”

Me: “To be honest, I’d like both. That way people will know and we won’t have to do a huge announcement.”

He then proceeds to take his mobile phone out and post it on Facebook. When it asks for your anniversary date he jokingly says, “Well should we put 2013? Because technically that’s when we started seeing each other.”

I glare at him and remind him that he’d have to put a break up one around December till February for when he disappeared. He laughed and asked if I’d ever let that go. I’m sure you can guess that answer dear reader.

Well after we cuddled more and talked he asked if I was tired and ready for bed. I did have work the next morning and was a little tired. So he took me to my room and we laid in bed together with him holding me. He then asks me if I’m really sure it’s what I want to be with him, I tell him yes of course it is. We then do that gross thing couples do when they go back and forth saying why they want the other person. We do this and just kiss until we both pass out.

The next morning we talked about it some because I wanted to make sure he still felt the same way and wasn’t making a mistake. And in typical Russian fashion he said no but he was a little worried about my job and if they would say anything. I reminded him they knew about him and it was okay. Well we leave my house, I’m in my car and he’s in his truck. This was our conversation that morning:

Him: “I’m worried for you that it says it’s me”

Me: “Well then take it off.”

Him: “I want it to say you’re taken though :)”

Him: “Check yours”

Him: “Were you not worried about work?”

That’s when I saw he took the names off the relationship status. It said we were both taken but no names.

Me: “Not really since they know about you.”

Him: “Want me to put it back then?”

Me: “That’s up to you.”

Him: “Be careful!” (I had passed him on the road)

Him: “Let’s leave it for people like your nosy friend lol”

Me: “Leave it like it is?”

Him: “It’s up to you”

Him: “I was kidding as in leave it so she still can’t see who you’re dating just to rub it in.”

Me: “She can’t see anything, I blocked her remember?”

Him: “Is that a real question?”

Me: “It’s rhetorical, I know you don’t remember anything lol”

Me: “Let’s just leave it, that’s obvious you feel better doing it that way.”

Him: “Only if it doesn’t bug you in the slightest”

Me: “It doesn’t. You don’t work for the company, you left. So it’s not an issue they can even bring up. Plus, like I said they know about you.”

Him: “So add it?”

At this point my level of aggravation was so high my coworkers were concerned something was really wrong.

Me: “Lol is it what you want to do? I don’t want you to add it if it bugs you. It doesn’t bother me at all but I don’t want you to add it if it isn’t what you want.”

Him: “It’s just less for the nosey people to talk about…it’s blowing up btw lol”

Me: “Okay.”

I had decided at that point when I saw him again in person I would suggest he rethink this relationship if he was already worried about my work seeing it. Then he texted me.

Him: “Check your Facebook”

I look to see he had added me to his relationship status.

Me: “I appreciate that.”

Him: “It obviously didn’t shut anyone up so what’s the point lol”

So there you go. This whole thing is now completely official and the Russian is now…mine I guess you could say. And in turn I’m his, which is what I have been wanting for a while now.

This is the part where I break the post into two parts. I’ll be posting the second part shortly dear readers!



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