I’m Here For You

I meant to post this before my previous “You are mine” posts. This may help in explaining a few things if anyone found themselves confused!


Things have taken some unexpected turns since my last post. I should resist the urge to write when I’m on my period because those emotions tend to be all over the place.

Well, the last time I posted the Russian and I had decided to slow things down sexually. Which I can agree with (some) because as we try to form a relationship we need to focus on other things besides amazing sex. That week we didn’t have sex at all. He was going out of town from Friday to Sunday so I really only saw him two days. I did spend the night with him each night and every morning we fooled around. I pretty much have his “move” figured out in the mornings. Alarms go off, he rolls me over and we cuddle for a while, then he proceeds to roll me on top of him to hold me and then fun finally begins. Like clockwork people. So Wednesday and Friday morning this same routine happened, he got a BJ and I got, well, revved up and then nothing. Bummer to say the least.

While he was out of town we spoke pretty much the entire weekend, which was really nice considering he was with guys all weekend playing video games. When he got back that Sunday of course he asked to see me, so I went over and we just talked about a bunch of random stuff. That next week was very intense and kind of thought provoking.

We didn’t really talk much Monday with him working long hours and then on Mondays he has his “guy night” to play Halo or other games.  Tuesday we talked here and there, then of course had our usual night together. We attempted to watch a movie but we ended up having one of our typical deep talks. I have been dealing with issues at my job with a coworker basically bullying me. So I vented to him about it and we discussed ways I can work on looking on the more positive side of things.

I mentioned to him that my best friend was dealing with a situation with her ex boyfriend. He was going through his own type of depression and dealing with a lot. He’s the same age as my Russian. I told him that he told my friend he didn’t see himself with her in 10 years and wasn’t sure because he knew he should be falling in love with her but didn’t feel that way. She of course left him because she does love him but didn’t want to stay like that. I told him now her ex is trying to slowly make his way back into her life in usual fashion: nice gestures, reminding her of old memories, offering support, etc.

He told me that maybe the depression he was going through was clouding his feelings and when she wasn’t super understanding of him during this time caused him to want to pull away. He then mentioned how I have been handling his emotional issues/depression very well. Which I told him of course I was, I knew what he was going through since he told me and I can appreciate it more in order to be there for him but not be overbearing or take things too personal.

It was really nice that night because he was so affectionate for the first time in a long time. We actually made out like a couple of teenagers. Just kissing and touching each other. He would make me lay on top of him and just cuddle. When we got in bed we continued fooling around and this led to me giving a pretty good BJ. I stayed the night with him and just cuddled with him the rest of the night. That next morning he woke me up (since he has to be up earlier than me) and we proceeded to fool around a little. He pulled me on top of him (like always) and we proceeded to basically grind against each other. We were just in our undies so he proceeded to tease me and lightly spank my pussy. At one point I’m grinding against him getting close to an orgasm but I stop. We hadn’t had sex still in two weeks at this point but I wasn’t going to ask for it. Well, after I stopped myself from finishing he whispers in my ear, “Go ahead and get one.” Well, I took that as get me an orgasm so I continued what I was doing until I did. Turns out, he meant get a condom. Duh. Well, he didn’t mind what I did and actually called it hot. After mine of course he asked if I could help him with his and I then proceeded to give him another BJ. This one was a little bit rougher which was extremely sexy. I like knowing how much he wants me and how much of an affect I can have on him. Afterwards we did cuddle for a few minutes and then he got up to get ready for work.

We both went onto work as normal. Well the next day he basically had some major revelation about where his life was going and what he wanted with his life. He basically had a breakdown I think.

He sent me an urgent text about it and then called me when I got off work. He told me he was going to talk to someone he views as a mentor and wanted to know if he could come by after he left that man’s house. I told him I would be home and he could come over if he wanted.

Well I clean up around the house some, take a shower and think maybe he calmed down so he won’t be coming by. Well, of course he calls me and asks if I’ve eaten yet. I tell him no and wherever he wants to stop is fine with me. I can tell in his voice he’s really upset and probably on the verge of crying. He tells me he can’t really think clearly so I tell him where to go, what to get and tell him to just get to my house. When he pulls up and walks to my door I go to let him in and his face just broke my heart.

He looked completely exhausted, broken and sad all at one time. When he walked in the door he set the food on my kitchen table and then turned to me for a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and let him just lean into me. We just stood there and held each other for a long time, I knew that’s what he really needed and didn’t break the hug until he did. So we just sat at my kitchen table and talked about everything he was going through about his career choice. I won’t go into heavy detail but we spent a good five hours just talking.

He recently had started just laying his head in my lap so he could fully relax and let me comfort him basically. The first time he did it was that night on my kitchen floor. Long story short but after we ate for some reason he just sat on my kitchen floor and I sat in front of him. After a while he ended up just putting his head in my lap and laying there. When we moved to my couch we just continued talking and intermittently he would lay down with his head in my lap.


As it got later he went back to his house, we didn’t make a lot of progress but it did him good just to be able to talk and think out loud to me, then listen to my thoughts on what he should do. He ended up taking that next day off to speak with his family and close friends about what he was thinking, as well as keeping me informed of things. That night he asked me to come over again to just really look at the details of what he wanted to do and just be there for support. Which is what I’m best at and exactly what I did for him during the time I was there. That night we drank rather heavily once we finished looking over things and just enjoyed being near each other. Of course, he did lay in my lap a few times which basically makes me melt every time he does it. I stayed the night with him and helped him prepare for his day ahead.

As the day progressed he kept me updated on how things were going and what he was doing. That night of course he asked if I wanted to see him and it was one of the sweeter ways he’s done that.

Him: “We hanging out tonight?”

Me: “I would like to if you’re cool with it”

Him: “I would love to”

That right there instantly made me smile. So that night he came over to my house and we talked for a little bit on how his day went and then we left to get some food. After we got back and ate dinner he offered to help me rearrange my furniture. After spending an hour doing so we finally got it the way I wanted it so we settled in to watch a movie and drink even more. We talk during the movie, as usual, and don’t even finish it before we fall asleep on the couch together. I wake up before him and drag him to my bed so we can actually sleep comfortably.

That morning we wake up and get pretty frisky with each other. I stopped expecting sex and hadn’t brought it up since the conversation we had a few weeks ago. Well that morning while I was giving him head and practicing a new technique I read about he pulled me  up to him and asked if I wanted him inside me. I instantly closed my eyes and had to control a moan that crept up into my throat. I shook my head slightly letting him know that yes I did. He asked me to go get one of the condoms from my bathroom, which I happily obliged doing.

It had been over two weeks since we last had sex and I was slightly nervous about how this was going to happen. It was pretty amazing, even though I was slightly out of practice and my stamina was down a little. I was on top the majority of the time of course, but we did change positions several times. That man drives me crazy in bed. After many orgasms he finally asked me if he could have his turn to orgasm and I told him he could. He did and afterward we just laid in bed together. Normally, as you all know, he would jump up to shower and all that. This time he just put my head on his chest and held me.


After a short nap, not even 15 minutes, he asked if I would give him a BJ. I was so shocked but happy to do it. I gave him one and it wasn’t as long as the normal ones of course, but it was still fun. He laid in my bed for a while since I was showering to get ready for the day. When I finished he asked if I had any food and I said “We have the leftovers from last night and I have a few things I can do for breakfast.” He playfully told me, “Then make me some damn breakfast woman!” So while he showered I scrambled a few eggs, seared some of the leftover steak and fixed up the rest of everything. We ate breakfast together and then he did some exercises for his back while I watched.

We actually spent the entire weekend together, just like old times. That Saturday we just played around at my house and had lunch together. Then we just watched Christmas movies while cuddling on my couch for a few hours until we got hungry again. He took me to go get some lunch at one of our favorite places. On the drive back to my house he asks me if I’d like to go to church with him tomorrow. I was a little surprised, because he has mentioned taking me before but never actually upfront asked me. I told him I would really like that and would go with him. He tells me I should just pack up what I want to wear for tomorrow and I can just stay with him that night. Well we do just that. I pack an overnight bag, he picks up my dog and we head to his house. We run inside a local grocery store to pick up a few snacks, a new movie and of course some alcohol. That night we just spent together watching the movie and drinking. He was so tired from everything that had been happening he literally passed out while I played with his hair. He eventually laid down and put his head in my lap. I finished the movie and then we went to sleep.

We woke up and got ready to go to church together for the first time. Once we were both ready we took his vehicle and headed that way. I met a few of his family members there and it was a nice service that Sunday. Afterwards we get lunch together and go back to his house. After changing we lay down to take a nap and I actually do try to sleep since I am tired. He does too but he cuddles me more and we get playful eventually with each other and that led to some pretty great sex. Afterwards a little later he drove me home and helped me unload everything and my dog into my house. We said our goodbyes and it was really sweet. We hadn’t spent a weekend together like that in a while. And since it was before the holidays I was sure it wouldn’t happen quite like that for a little while. But he did still manage to surprise me later on in this month.



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