Making Progress


So since my last update and the wonderful arrival of my monthly visitor the past week has been interesting to say the least. Let’s pick up from Thursday shall we?

Thursday. I decided to go out to a pretty popular hangout with a few of my friends, mainly to get out of the house and to get my mind off things. I hadn’t really heard from the Russian. I sent him a text the day before and he half-heartedly responded so I just left it alone. Then on Thursday he came by my office asking if I knew where another employee was. I was a little short with him because I was annoyed with him, and he did surprise me. Of course he did text me afterwards.

Him: “If you’re too short with me people may get suspicious ;)”

Me: “Well you normally don’t come to my office so I was surprised lol”

And that was it. So back to Thursday night. I hadn’t heard anything else from him and I was getting fairly drunk early on in the night. I ran into the ex while out, which made things a little awkward at first. Then later into the night the Russian texts me and asks where I am. I tell him and ask where he is. As it turns out he is at the same place. He asks me to come see him and drunk me happily obliged. When we found each other it was pretty instant that we could not keep our hands to ourselves. He introduced me to the group he was with, they all seemed really nice and maybe a little impressed with me. He then asked if I wanted a drink and I told him so he walked me to the bar.


Now, do remember dear reader my ex was at this point still at the same place. Maybe. So we get to the bar and order drinks. We both then start to touch on each other in small ways. Then some members of his family walk up and he introduces them to me. A little later one of my friends got tired and asked if I’d bring her to her apartment right down the road. I told the Russian and he asked if I would come back, which I did.

I get back and then we really start to get frisky with each other. I slowly started to kiss on him and he did the same to me. We then also started to whisper back and forth to each other about what we wanted to do in regards to staying there or leaving. We decide to dance for a little bit then leave, and I will say, he can dance very, very well. After a few songs I asked him if we could leave. As we walk out with each other we are laughing and joking with each other the entire time. When we get to the elevators he starts to pick me up and kiss all over me. By the time we get into an elevator things have intensified. He tried to stop the elevator before it got to the floor but I wouldn’t let him. When we reach my vehicle he pushes me against it and we begin to forcefully kiss each other. Finally in my vehicle I start to drive to get us some late night food.

During the drive he is leaning over to suck on my breasts and pretty much finger me while I drive. I also have my hand in his lap playing with him. At some point, and I know this wasn’t safe, but I have his dick pulled out and he tells me to suck it while he steers. I’ve given road head before but never while I was driving. That was interesting to say the least!

I finally stop because it just is not safe for us to be doing. We get some food and go to his house. While we eat together we just joke around and play on the couch. After we eat he picks me up and carries me to his bed. He stands me up so he can lay down, then he looks at me and says, “Come here to me pretty girl.” I take my shoes off and climb into his bed. He’s on his back and holds me in his arms. He then tells me I need to get closer to him so he lays me on top of him and just holds me. I had my face buried in his neck and could just breathe his scent in. We then fell asleep with each other like this for probably two hours. I wake up and try to lift my head but he then squeezes me tighter and won’t let go. When I see the time I tell him I really need to go. I had work the next day and he didn’t. I also was still pretty drunk at this point. He holds me some more and then finally walks me to my car. We kiss and I drive to the house. We text a little when I get home but then I pass out instantly.

When I wake up he was already texting me. We continued to talk the majority of the day which was nice. I had the house to myself that weekend and I had told him but he mentioned to me he had plans Saturday. He didn’t really elaborate on it so I didn’t pester him for more information. Well later that night he let me know what his plans were and that he didn’t want me to think he was ignoring the fact I was alone all weekend. I thought this was really impressive of him to finally tell me if he wasn’t going to be able to talk and why. I was fine with it and was super busy the next two days. We did talk each day with one another so that was nice. Monday we were talking and he made a joke about BJs that night and I had a feeling he’d be asking to see me soon.

Well Tuesday came along and later that afternoon he asked if I had plans and I said no so we decided to see each other. This visit we had several deep conversations about this relationship and what was going on. I’m not quite sure how it started since I had been drinking so keep that in mind. We had been playing with each other and when we started the movie we both got fairly into it so we were discussing details about it. At some point we are talking and he reaches up to grab my breast and makes a comment about my bra, as usual, so I tell him to take it off. He does. Then at some point he reaches to touch my under my shorts and I squirm away, which he knows normally I let him touch, so he asks if it’s a bad week. I say yes and he pouts for a minute! He then asks me why I don’t take the medicine that gives me one every three months. I just look at him and laugh. I tell him that would be nice but porbably would not work for me. Well a little later he then does the same thing but tells me to trust him. He then proceeds to rub my clit until I have an orgasm. Well he continues to do so again and I tell him to go easy because it’s been awhile since he’s made me cum so I get sore easier. He then lifts me up and lays me across his lap, he then proceeds to continue to rub my clit. Again, I tell him to go easy and he asks me why, to which I give him the above explanation. He then tells me, “Well, I’ll give you three orgasms if you think you can handle that.” And he continues to do so until I have three orgasms. When he finished he brought me up to his chest and I laid like that in his lap for a little bit to calm down. After this he started the movie back. We actually finished this movie and proceeded to put another one in.


We did not watch any of the next movie we put in. When I put it in and he made us more drinks we just instantly started talking. We were discussing some people at work and how some of them have warned me against him or make comments about him. Now, I had never told him any of this because I wanted to judge him for myself and get to know him. Plus, I knew it would upset him to know some people had things to say about him. He’s big about trust with people in his life so I knew this would definitely make him mad.

I’m not sure if I ever wrote about this but there had been another girl in the office he previously had been seeing. They actually work in the same department and have offices close to each other. Since he’s more of a senior guy he had to mentor her. Now I’m not dumb so I knew they had something before he and I started seeing each other. He had stated that he wasn’t sure about if there were other guys I was spending time with and I told him not to be ridiculous. He then asked how many I was seeing and I said just one and thumped his nose.

Well I finally grew some balls and flat out asked him, “Am I the only one you are seeing currently?” I just needed to know either way. He tells me I am the only one he has seen or been with for the past few months. He was honest with me and told me he had been seeing the other girl but not that often. He said that he knew we were both smart, had a lot going for us and are both attractive but he claims he couldn’t see any relationship with the other girl. But with me he sees that and sees a lot in me he really likes. Well I told him if that’s true I really appreciate that because, well, I’m not dumb and I won’t just believe everything he says until he can prove to me I can trust him.

Well we were talking about his ex that cheated on him, the fact her father works for the company and has said stuff to me about him in the ways of a warning. He mentioned how his ex has been wanting to see him and sleep with him again and he claims he has been telling her he isn’t interested and to just stop. I did outright ask him if he thought he would ever get back together with his ex and he said pretty much hell no. He then told me a lot of stuff about how that relationship was and that it never felt right and he wouldn’t want to go back to that.

Well he made a comment that, while it was meant to make me feel better, was a little in poor taste. He mentioned confronting the guy and saying not only his exes name and how she was not a good person that he thought she was but then mentioning the other girl and then me saying we were really nice girls. Well I kind of made a face and turned back to the television. Because, honestly I was getting tired of hearing the other girl’s name and feeling compared to her and I told him that. I told him I have a tendency to get slightly jealous but I hide it well.

I did say I understand them having to work together and having to talk to each other about work, but in the other aspect I don’t want things thrown in my face. I blatantly said, “I am an only child so I view things differently. So the point is that what’s mine is mine, I don’t share with others.”  He told me he completely understood and felt the same way. He also apologized for the comment and that he was just worked up because he’s tired of people backstabbing him and going out of their way to possibly ruin things. He was genuinely worried he had ruined the night because he claimed my chemistry changed after that and he was extremely apologetic with it.


He made a comment that still is sticking with me though, “How do these guys not realize that they are making comments to you and how it could really affect the way you think and feel. They don’t realize them saying those things can do serious damage. Especially when you care for someone.”

Then we kind of discussed the same fear he has that if I could do this to my ex could I do it to him. I reminded him that this situation is not something I’ve ever done before and that when I told my closest friends about it and him they were completely shocked because this is not me.

He also reminded me that we had been seeing each other for almost a year now. That’s just crazy to me when I think about it. I even told him it didn’t feel like that long. I asked him if he would believe me more about my feelings when I’ve moved out and he said yes, that it’s hard for him to fully trust what I say since I’m still living with my ex. And I understand that, he even told me that while he doesn’t mean to be hesitant with me he just doesn’t want to get his hopes up and things between us fall through.

That could happen with even normal people I think but we will see. After we talked more about all this and I finally told him that even though people may tell me stuff about him I don’t believe it and I think he is a really good guy. I kissed his cheek like I had been doing just to make him relax a little. I also told him that’s why I decided to get to know him myself and see what I thought about things with him.

When we finally started the new movie we were both tired so he lay back on the couch and pulled me to lie on top of him. We fell asleep like that for a little while. It was so sweet too, anytime I would move he would squeeze me tighter and moan a little. Eventually he woke up and woke me up too. We started to kiss and things led from one thing to another with me eventually asking if I could suck his dick. His answer? Yes, please.

This probably lasted about 45 minutes and as I’ve said before, I love doing that to him because he gets involved in it. Take a note guys, the more you moan and talk, run your fingers through a girls hair or even hold her hair, touch her and just all around make her feel good…your BJ experience will even better and she may even enjoy it. I actually got extremely close to having an orgasm while I was doing it this time. After he came I laid on his chest and made a comment that my upper lip felt really swollen but just laughed it off. Well we just lay on the couch talking and cuddling for a little while. I started playing around with him and he was doing the same with me. He started telling me he had been having trouble sleeping again and was tired, I told him he needed to take his meds again so he could sleep better. He definitely seemed like he was ready to pass out. When I left he got dressed and walked me out, he looked so sweet all sleepy and pouty.

As soon as I drove off he sent me a text.

Him: “:)”

Me: “:))”

I passed out when I got home but first thing this morning he was texting me.

Him: “Sorry I went on about _____. Between that and _____, I was pretty disappointed even though I expected it.”

Me: “I know and that’s why I didn’t want to tell you about it. I really don’t believe you’re like that though if that helps any.”

Him: “I appreciate it. I’d rather know though even if it initially pisses me off.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll remember that but I still hate that I had to tell you and you got mad. I don’t like doing that especially when I  don’t believe what I’m told.”

Him: “What did ______ say bad about me…just that “an (his profession)” dated his daughter and it wasn’t fun? I got            ______’s gist….I’m a player and wreck homes for sports.

Me: “Just that I had to watch out for certain guys who worked there. Then he mentioned that one of the guys dated his       daughter and that he wasn’t a very good guy. He never mentioned you specifically but since you had already told me                 about it I knew he meant you.”

Him: “He indirectly said me…how many guys dated his daughter. And you’d have asked around if you didn’t already          know. I won’t say anything…wouldn’t want to give the satisfaction of thinking they matter.”

Me: “I know you wouldn’t, and you shouldn’t care what they say. Especially if you know it’s not true and can easily explain                what actually happened compared to what they try to say…I know it still is infuriating when people say stuff like that,   because a person without any sense could choose to believe what they heard instead of giving you the benefit of at least      proving them wrong.”

Him: “Yep”

Me: “I still don’t like that I told you something that made you mad :/”

Him: “Nah”

Him: “So what made you ask if I’d get back with me ex?”

Me: “You had mentioned she was texting you again wanting to see you so I just thought I’d ask”

And well that was it. Work had started so I’m guessing he got busy but I’m sure I will hear from him soon. So that was my past week, I definitely feel like I’m making some type of headway with my Russian and hopefully it will keep on going.

And by the way, the inside of my top lip has like a blood blister or something so it’s still swollen. Apparently I got too excited and forgot to give my top lip a break from covering my teeth!!

Any thoughts you’d like to share with me? What are your thoughts on dealing with people trying to start things about you when involved in your love life? What about exes trying to come back into the picture? I’d love to hear about it!




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