Being a Woman. Ugh.


There are some days when being a woman really just sucks. Ugh.

It’s the week before my period and I’m feeling bloated, tired, emotional and just ugly. All I want is to lay in bed, watch sappy movies and cry. If you knew me in real life I am rarely ever like this. Plus everything the Russian does or doesn’t do gets to me more than it should. We’ve talked every day and I like that but he has yet to ask to see me.

Not that I’m sure I’d even want him to be around me with all this shit going on inside of me.


Then the ex has been trying to be sexual with me since he realizes I’ll be moving out in like two weeks. And he’s getting all worked up for nothing because sex between us is over. Not only is it a bad idea but I don’t want to do that to the Russian. Isn’t that terrible?

Fuck. Now I’m feeling like a shitty person.


I just want the Russian to ask me to see me and then rub my back and tell me I’m pretty. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Okay, my ranting is done. Well, for right now anyways.


2 responses to “Being a Woman. Ugh.

  1. LOL that picture with the dinosaur is classic! I think men do tend to have it easier… until they get “old man syndrome” and develop bipolar-like moods! LOL. It’s kind of funny that the older women get, the less bitchy they are, and the older men get the more of an asshole they become! LOL.

    And you’re not a shitty person. Sleeping with the ex is a classic mistake that many people make – myself included! It’s good that you’re not giving in.

    • I completely agree!! Men don’t realize how easy they have it compared to what we go through!

      Yeah, I just think us having sex would cause too many more additional problems. Plus, he’s nothing like the Russian and I don’t want to mess anything up with him. Plus, I’ve done sex with an ex and that’s not a fun road to go down!!

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