Oh Those Things You Do


Last night was very unexpected to say the least. If you are wondering, dear reader, did I go meet the Russian at the bar last night the answer to that question is not really.

I hadn’t heard from him that afternoon so I had sent him a text letting him know my friends had bailed on me for the night. We talked about for a little bit, and then an hour or so later he mentioned that my roommate came up and talked to him for a minute. Talk about awkward and weird. He told me that it made him feel like an asshole. I can understand that because this situation is so strange and he knows the ex and I didn’t end on horrible terms so the Russian feels like he doesn’t have a reason to dislike him.

He asked me if I came to the bar and I told him that I had no one I could meet there besides him. He was a little sad and I told him that since it’s work guys there if we started drinking around each other and became too touchy around them it would make things very obvious. He agreed and asked what I was doing later, I had no plans since I was already in bed. We talked back and forth for a little while then I fell asleep. He sent me a text around midnight asking if I was up. I had been in and out of being awake so I told him I was and he asked if I would mind picking him up. He told me that he did have a ride with his friends but if I wasn’t tired he’d like me to get him.

So I drove over to get him, I will admit I was slightly nervous since my ex was still there and he could have easily seen the Russian get into my car. Thankfully that didn’t happen though. Once we were in my car driving he was telling me about the night and how things went with him seeing my ex. Then he told me about some stuff at work that had progressed. It was actually a fun ride together. He was buzzed but not completely drunk so that made it better.

Once we are inside he can see the shorts I’m in and makes a comment about them, then pulls me in for a hug. I kiss his neck and start to pull away but he holds me tighter. He then tells me he’s trying to take a picture of my ass in these shorts. Men. He finally gets a picture he likes and we sit in the living room. I wasn’t going to drink since it was already late and I didn’t need to wake up with a hangover again. As we are sitting he gives me more details about what was going on with work and it seems that slowly, but surely things are getting better.

He asks me if I have a curfew tonight and I tell him I never have a curfew, but that I just try to be somewhat respectful to the ex to avoid any fights or me getting kicked out.

We are playing with the tv when he mentions that he still hasn’t seen a certain movie yet and would like to take me but knows we could get caught. I then tell him that my ex is going out of town for the entire weekend. He tells me we can still be seen by someone, I kind of shrug my shoulders and say if we meet in the theater and it will dark no one could really say anything.

I had mentioned to him a while back about using an app on his game station to stream movies/television shows so he asks if I wouldn’t mind helping him with it. He then asks me if I want an orgasm before or after we start downloading this program, I tell him after and stand up to turn on the game station. He quickly grabs me and sits me on his lap while spreading my legs. He then slides his hand up my shorts and continues on till I have an orgasm. Well, maybe more like three. When he finally stops he lets me stand up again and get the remote.

Well we slowly start the process and talk the entire time. I ask him how the night was and we talk about that for a little bit. I mention to him that a coworker that we are both friends with had mentioned going that night and asked if I had heard about it. He stops me right there and tells me that this coworker is already aware of our situation. I look at him and ask what does he know? The Russian tells me that he knows we see each other and I’m completely shocked. Mainly because I am close to this coworker and he never mentioned knowing to me but I’ll admit when I think about certain things he would say now make sense. And the Russian mentions that the coworker told him he had brought up inviting me but that I played it off really well. He also tells me that he was trying to see how much he could trust both of us. We passed too, in case you were wondering.

I ask him why he’s always testing me and he says that he just wants to learn more about me. But that he believes I’d ever intentionally disappoint him or let him down. I told him I would try not to, no one is perfect though.

When the program finally downloads we start setting everything up, once it’s set up he forwardly asks me, “Would you like to watch a movie or make out?” I raise an eyebrow and look at him, “Well that’s right to the point huh?” He laughs and tells me we can do whatever I want. I lean over and start kissing his neck again, “So I guess that’s your answer huh?” I smile at him and shake my head. He then goes to get something and comes back to the living room. I make a comment that we need to turn the tv on or something because it’s so quiet, he then hands me his phone and tells me to start some music. I look through his list and pick an artist to make fun of him.

We laugh about and he starts to jokingly sing along with it. I start to kiss on his neck and then make my way to his lips. We start kissing and then I begin to slowly grind myself against him. I do this for a little bit till he pulls my face away from his and says, “Please.” I tilt my head and say, “Please what?” He shifts himself, grabs my face and says, “Please suck my dick.” I smile at him and slide down the couch to do what he asks. So after I’ve been giving him what he asked for he pulls me up and towards him to ask me if I want him to fuck me. I tell him yes of course. I then straddle him and I start to slowly put him inside me and when I have him maybe a quarter of the way in he lifts his hips up and suddenly pushes himself all the way inside me. This causes me to yell out since I wasn’t prepared for that. We only do me on top and sideways while on top, after some very intense and multiple orgasms he stands us up and walks me to the end of the couch. He lays me across the armrest and proceeds to fuck me from behind. And he knows I’m sore from the spankings he gave me last time but he gave me a few more until I had to ask him to stop. That really surprised him so he stopped for a little while. Before he came he asked me if I would give him another BJ until he came. Which I did but I teased him a lot with it. I know how he likes it so I would get him right to the edge and then I’d stop and change speeds. He caught onto that after a little while. Whenever he came I continued what I was doing until well after.

He pulled me up to his chest where I laid for a little while. I was completely exhausted and could have just passed out then and there. We finally get up, I get dressed but he continues to walk around naked which I just love. He kisses me bye and tells me to let him know when I’m home and I do. It wasn’t too late thankfully.

We’ve talked a bit today so we will see if he wants to see me this weekend since I’ll be by myself. It’s so weird how back and forth he can get sometimes but the chemistry between us is just intense. Oh Russian, the things you do to me.


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  1. ItMatterstoGrey

    Oh, yeah, the things you do.

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