Getting Chills


Well, last night was an interesting one to say the least. I hadn’t been expecting to hear from the Russian since we hadn’t talked during the day. After I got home and was doing a couple of things he had sent me a text asking if I had any plans for last night. I didn’t really have anything planned besides reading and relaxing. So he asked if I would want to come over for our usual “food, movie, alcohol” fest.

When I got over there, before we even started eating, he was telling me about the latest news on his work stuff. After he told me his updates we started eating and talking to each other. It was our normal conversation things, nothing crazy. After we ate he was fixing up his surround sound stuff and asked if I would pick out a few movies. I had noticed he had this super old cartoon movie in his collection so I pulled it out and asked why he had this movie. He went on to explain to me some stuff about his family that made me a little sad for him. He really had it rough as a kid growing up, especially being the oldest and the first son. I think he feels the need to control things in order to prevent bad things from happening.

I went ahead and picked out two movies then mentioned a comedy he had and we decided to watch that first. He made us some drinks and the movie started. At first I was sitting next to him with my legs tucked under me and then I got a little cramped so I stretched my legs across his lap, to which he began just massaging my legs.

He then was like I want to show you something, it’s kind of weird but it explains my family some. He then explained a back story on how his mom has always had some problems and since she started a second job she’s been doing a little better. Well her washing machine broke and she had to use another relative’s washer to wash her clothes and then she dried them back at her house. With her job she ended up getting a paid weekend off so she took the Russian’s sister and brother out of town. While they were gone he brought over his washer and dryer, hooked everything up for her and didn’t tell her he was doing it. He showed me the video of her reaction seeing what he had done and it was so funny but so sweet too.

After he showed me I had leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and told him that it was a really sweet gesture for him to do that. We continued watching the movie and at one point he reached over to see if I was wearing a bra and I was, he told me I was breaking the rules and I reminded him if he wanted it off he could take it off. A few minutes later I did take it off just to appease him, plus I knew he was expecting me to. Somehow we got on the topic of implants and what we thought about them. He’s not against them but he doesn’t think they are really necessary. I mentioned that I have thought about getting them but I do like mine even though they’re smallish they are pretty and perky. He made a comment that he loves mine and wouldn’t want to change them. Well he was doing something and I had leaned back on the couch laughing about something, this caused my shirt to pull tighter against me and show the outline of my breasts. He’s looking at me and says, “I want to take a picture of you just like that. You have no idea how sexy you are right now.” I roll my eyes and say no. We then get on the topic about him taking pictures of me without permission and he claims he deleted them but that he would like my permission one day for pictures like that.

Once this first movie ended we realized we were out of an ingredient for drinks. We decide to go get more and he makes the comment he wants me to go in there with no bra on and I look at him like he’s crazy. Because not only is it obvious I have no bra on but my nipples are hard. He notices this and says maybe he should go in but I can’t give him an erection because we both would be in trouble. Men. Once we get back he’s fixing our drinks and I’m walking around his living room area while we just talk with each other.

He tells me he bought a new mattress and got a great deal on it, so we started talking about furniture and eventually later we started having a conversation about rental properties.

So we have two movies picked out and I choose a certain one since the other was a comic book movie and he told me we would need to have a comic book movie lazy day so I could really catch everything. I tell him that would be fun and I’d like that, especially since it is possible to do so. Then he pauses the movie and tells me that he has really been wanting to take me out on dates but that he knows it probably isn’t the best time for us to try and do that. I tell him it’s okay and I understand but that I would like to go out to dinner and things like that with him eventually too. He then mentions that he will be out at a place with some of our mutual work friends and that if I wanted to “stop by” and hang out he would like that. He even mentioned that since I know multiple people that will be there it wouldn’t be weird or suspicious. I tell him I’ll think about it but I wouldn’t mind stopping by. Then of course he says that I could sit in his lap if I wanted. I laughed and said that would make things between us a little obvious. He then tells me that what happens outside of work is nothing we need to worry about and that he already talked to his boss about that issue.

Well we start the movie and about ten minutes in the main character is looking at diamonds and I make a comment when the actor says something about the quality. Well the Russian pauses the movie and we get into a discussion about diamonds and engagement rings. He then tells me he wants to show me this plan he has. He grabs his laptop and brings it over to us. He then starts talking to me and says that if for some reason things didn’t work out between us he would always want me to be successful. I laugh and agree with him, then he tells me he doesn’t see why things wouldn’t keep getting better with us. Unless I choose to end things, I remind him he could easily end things just as I could, he tells me that’s highly unlikely. I wanted to say something about not speaking to me but he was being sweet so I held off.

He then shows me this completely detailed plan he has on properties and the profit he could make off of them. I even told him I planned on renting my home out after a few years too since it will still be pretty brand new. After we talked through that and I asked some questions about it, I was pretty impressed. But I guess that’s how it is with older men, they already have their lives figured out and know what they want for the future. Which is definitely nice compared to what I am use to.

Then we got back on the topic of weddings and engagement rings. His view is that most rings cost between $10-15K (uh, my kind of estimate right there) and that weddings are about $15K. I stopped him right there and said that the wedding cost was fairly low for some people but that was my thoughts. We both agreed that some parents will offer the couple a lump sum of money in exchange for a wedding. He said, “Why don’t you start with a smaller ring, have a small wedding that will lead to the parents giving you some cash that can go to your future together?” I tell him that some women view the engagement ring as what their worth is to the man, he then asks me my thoughts on rings. I say, “Would I love a six carat engagement ring? Hell yes! But I would rather there be thought behind the moment and the ring. Then over years together maybe have upgrades of the center stone or ring all together.” That’s what my parents did any way and I loved it. I also tell him I would prefer a small wedding on a beach or somewhere far off and just include the closest people to me and the man I marry.

After we get off that subject he starts the movie and tells me he promises not to pause it anymore. I laugh because I know it isn’t true, he’s in a talking mood. He makes a comment that he feels like he is always the one talking and I just tell him I love to listen so it doesn’t bother me at all. We start the movie…again and get through more of it. At some point, we get on the subject about parts of the body. He makes a comment about an actress and if she has real boobs. He then tells me he’s an ass, boob and face man. I laugh and say well I don’t have much in the boob department and he grabs one of my breasts and tells me that he loves my boobs, ass and I have a beautiful face. I shove at him and tell him to stop it, he then runs his hand up my thigh and brushes his fingers under my shorts. “You know, my sexual experience isn’t as high as you would think but you have the tightest pussy.” I roll my eyes and tell him to shut up. “No, I’m serious. When I think about you I literally get chills. I saw you walking in the parking lot from a coworkers office and I got the chills and had to stop myself from saying anything.” I instantly lean my upper body, since my legs are across his, and kiss his cheek a few times. He then grabs my face and kisses my cheek, then my neck and then kisses me on the lips. We instantly start kissing passionately and I feel like I can’t even breathe because he doesn’t want to break the kiss and I don’t either. We finally stop and he leans me back down but putting my head on his shoulder.

He slowly works his hand down to my shorts and quickly puts his hand up them to touch me. He asks if he gives me an orgasm will I be able to focus better on the movie. I tell him probably not but he can try. Needless to say, he gave me an intense one.

We attempt to watch more of the movie but at this point I’ve already been lost during the movie several times and I just was majorly distracted. Well he tells me to stand up so he can lay down and then pulls me to lay in front of him. At some point I roll to face him and we start kissing very again and I lean into his ear and whisper, “May I suck your dick sir?” He tells me I can, but only if I try to put it all the way down my throat. Normally, I always had no issues with a gag reflex but with him and how big he is it makes it more difficult. I tell him I’ll try, I start to give him a BJ and it drives both of us a little crazy. While he has his hands in my hair he pulls my head up and tells me he wants to fuck me. We go to get a condom and some lube then come back to his couch. He then tells me to go slow and tease him with myself. Once he has the condom on I take him in my hands, straddle him and begin to rub him against my clit. He tells me to make myself cum like that….and I do. Once he is inside me I lean forward and begin to ride him. He sits up and starts to suck on my boob, I tell him he can leave marks on me now if he wants to. This makes him almost, growl, and he immediately reaches for my ass and spanks it.

I stay on top of him for the majority of this time but in a few different ways. Normal girl on top, the I turned sideways (which was fucking phenomenal) and then reverse cowgirl. I did each of these positions two or three times. With countless orgasms during each one. I think he enjoyed me being sideways a lot because of his face, he makes the sexiest faces and it turns me on even more.

At some point while I’m facing him he asks me if I’m ready for him to cum, I tell him I am and he asks me where I want him to cum. At first I just say wherever he wants to but he grabs my face and tells me I need to tell him where I want it. I tell him on my ass and my back. He stands me up and leans me over the same chair from last time and fucks me like that for a good little bit. Then when he comes he does so where I told him to. He cleaned me off and I then turned around, kneeled down in front of him and starting sucking his dick since it was still hard. He let me do this for a while and I was able to deep throat him a few times. He yanks me up and kisses on my neck. I laugh and tell him I just wanted to see if he was still hard. We get dressed and relax for a little bit then I realize I need to leave. He walks me to my car and reminds about Thursday and that I should come. I tell him I’ll think about it, then I leave.

I had sent him a text saying I made it home and that morning he tells me he had a response written out but fell asleep before sending it. We actually talked quite a bit yesterday too. That night after we talked during the day he messaged me about some stuff we saw online and we were talking from about 8:30 to almost midnight. We were talking about something and I sent him one of the pictures I took of him, then I sent him one I had taken of him bent over. He laughed at me and made a comment on how the pictures he had taken were much sexier than those. We kept talking for a while until we both got tired. Of course, I should have been tired after only have a few hours of sleep but I just like talking to him.

Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to ask him about tonight or if I should just show up randomly. I know it is a risk to be seen with him but if we can keep our hands to ourselves I don’t think it would be too much of a problem. Then again, if the roomie sees us he could easily get suspicious. I just don’t know, because I would want to go any way since the group playing is one I really like.

What do you think? Should I ask the Russian about tonight? Should I just show up with friends? Or, should I not go all together? 



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