When You’re a Good Girl


I have this (pretty rational) fear that even once I’ve moved into my own place that the Russian will continue to pull his random disappearing acts on me. This time he went seven days without speaking to me after we spent multiple days together, including me picking him up from a bar. I wasn’t all that surprised because I knew it was bound to happen soon, things were just going too well for a while.

Over the last weekend I got super annoyed with the roommate (ex). He tried to have sex with me again and I had once again realized that was the reason he had been being nicer to me lately. Well, one night over the weekend he decided to go out and not return back to the house till 10:30 the next morning. I know I shouldn’t feel mad or upset by that considering what my feelings consist of with the Russian, but he still really pissed me off. Mainly because I know if I did that he would have been SUPER mad and probably try to come find me.

Well yesterday as I was leaving work to go run some errands I saw that the Russian had sent me a text about my driving as he usually does. We talked a little back and forth about it, he threw out the “we” word a couple of times and then that was it. Or so I thought any way. After I had finished working out I picked up some food then went to the house. The roommate came in later but decided to leave and meet some friends. So I went to bed with Netflix and some cookies. At some point a little later the Russian texted me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the conversation was actually a somewhat serious one about some work stuff he has been dealing with. It was a deep talk about these issues he’s having and what steps he’s having to take to either fix them or look for another job. Well once things got a little less serious I made a joke about him messing a word up.

Me: “Btw it’s poll* not pole lol”

Him: “I put poll but it autofucked me”

Him: “Pole is what I give you”

Him: “When you’re a good girl”

Me: “You messed up multiple times though soooo operator error!”

Me: “And aren’t I always a good girl??”

Him: “No ma’am. I even thought about it. Thank you for pointing it out but I do understand the definitions”

Me: “Lol I’m just playing with you sir! It’s not often you make a mistake twice so I have to give you a little bit of a hard time ;)”

Him: “I know :)”

As usual, he had to get a dirty remark in there but there is one thing I’ve noticed about him. He can never just be wrong, he has to always be right. Which is how I can be sometimes but that’s another post. We continued to talk about the work stuff a little more but then I passed out.  I just don’t get it or him. At least he didn’t wait two weeks to talk to me like last time. But to me, we’ve already discussed these issues and he should realize he doesn’t have to keep distancing himself. I know this thing has been going on for about nine months now but I’m officially moving out and you’d think he would accept that and now put in a real effort with me.

Who knows though? I just had to get that out of my system. Sad thing is? I’ll text him later to see how his meeting went and let him talk to me about it again. WHY? Because since I have a vagina I get these emotions that make me care sometimes. Does anybody else hate that??



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