And It Continues




So last night the Russian contacted me and actually attempted to hold a conversation with me. My phone had died so I stuck it on the charger and went about doing laundry and various other nighttime chores. I check my phone and see his name.


Charles Manson history on LMN…Channel….”


I instantly stop what I’m doing. First off, in our months of talking to each other I confessed my secret fondness for learning about serial killers and documentaries about them. So not only did he see this and think of me, he wanted to share.


I responded:


He’s the perfect example of what too much LSD can do to you.”


He writes back:


It’s pretty interesting.”


The conversation continues with us discussing Manson’s women and how insane they are. Then he brings up a football team we both like and how they are doing. The conversation ends. It lasted for maybe an hour? At no point did he mention the fact he hasn’t spoken to me in a week or the fact he blew me off after having sex for the third time.


Insert this morning, I head to work and try to prepare myself for the inevitable run ins. I get a text message from him:


Brought your movies today.”


I should mention I left my favorite movies at his house several weeks ago, I had forgotten about them until recently. I was ready to accept the fact I’d never see them again. I respond to him with a simple, “Cool,” and I have yet to hear anything else from him. He hasn’t come by my office to drop them off or asked me to meet at one of our vehicles. I have a feeling he’s going to want to meet because he can’t openly hand me movies without questions being asked around the office.


Now the wait continues to see how this progresses. The sad part is, I just want to have an honest talk with him and maybe try and get back what was there but I know I won’t because I simply got played.


Ugh, this sucks.


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